Loneliness: The reality of becoming a new mother 

February 20, 2018
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I never thought I would feel this way.
What will everyone think ?
Maybe this is normal.
Am I the only one feeling this way?
How could a mother possibly think this way?

I thought about writing this post after my son was born over 2 years ago but never had the courage to do so.  It scared me, it made me sad, it confused me, I felt ashamed.  I kept thinking of the judgements, but even worst I would judged myself for having these thoughts.  It made me cry.  After all, ever since I was a young girl having children was an obvious decision « of course », how could a woman not want to have one.  I actually wanted a few kids, I loved seeing pregnant women and thought mothers with young kids was incredibly beautiful.  It made me happy, it made me smile.  I was one of those women (pre-motherhood) that would be shocked when another person would mention that they had no interest in having kids, or maybe only one but that would be it.  I would judge them and try to find out why, why oh why didn’t they want any children, that wasn’t normal?  Wasn’t it the normal progression to have a child after school and/or post secondary education, marriage and having a career??  So I was surprised, when  I didn’t actually love being pregnant.  It felt weird to lose (to a certain point) control of my body and the thought of having a human being inside me was a little bizarre and freaky (I kept referring to it as the little alien inside me but that was probably having been tramautized by the 80’s-90’s Alien movie series with Sigourney Weaver when aliens would burst out of their stomachs!).

When I was pregnant, every single person would tell me how I would feel and how it would be, such as « It is challenging, you will never sleep again, it’s a lot of work but you will love every moment…, you will forget about the pain when you see your baby, I would not change a thing ».  However, I did not expect it to be the most difficult, dark, emotionally draining and one of the most lonely times of my life. I have tears just trying to go back to those first few months of motherhood as I am writing this post trying to explain my experience.  It scares the hell out of me posting this today as I don’t even know if I have ever truly  told anyone about it, I don’t remember.

I was ashamed and embarrassed that I did not feel like everyone expected me to feel, happy.  Our society projects becoming a mother like the best feeling in the world….for me, well, this wasn’t the case. Some of you will be find my truth horrible, others that know me will be shocked by this revelation as people have always seen me as sweet, calm, patient and motherly.  I was afraid of opening up and actually writing this post to the world as others can be cruel and judgemental for feeling different about what has been categorized as #momlifeisthebestlife. At the time, giving birth and becoming a mother truly did not feel that way, it was actually the opposite for me.

So…judge me if you will, understand me if you can, this is something real that I’ve discovered over time a lot of new mothers go through but rarely speak about it.

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A chocolate dinner & my favorite dessert restaurant

February 12, 2018
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If you had to choose between eating a nutella filled crepe or a melted chocolate filled crêpe, which one would you prefer to eat???  If chocolate is your first choice then you are my kind of person!

No matter where I am located (traveling or at home), I am always on the lookout for amazing dessert places.  Chocolate is almost always my preference but not your taste like chocolate but is only cocoa powder or taste like chocolate but is a water based chocolate syrup wannabe dessert.  I like the real deal, the dark chocolate, slightly bitter taste mixed with nuts or fruits, mmmmm!

When February rolls around, I tend to want chocolate even more.  Ever since moving to Montreal over a decade ago, Juliette et Chocolat has become my go-to place for dessert cravings and light lunches.  You basically go there to eat chocolate for brunch, lunch or dinner.  I am happy to say that I’ve probably tried almost everything on the menu.  So naturally, I planned on going with my little family closer to Valentine’s day to get my monthly dosage of chocolate, hihi… Continue Reading…


6 ways to feel better & to have a good day

February 5, 2018
des outfit, valentines day, winter style, red tuque, winter blues, feel better, be happy, have a good day

You deserve to feel amazing and good about yourself!

I initially thought to do another Valentine’s post but something kept telling me to write about how to be more positive, happier and overall to feel better about ourselves in the midst of these cold and often sunnyless days.  After all, it usually makes it more challenging to have good energy.  If you do live in a sunny area, lucky you, but you might also have some bad days where you are your own worst critic.

Why me? I’m no expert on the subject.  Well no, but I am one of those individuals that tend to naturally look on the bright side of things, even during hardships.  In high school, I was even named the most positive person in our class, haha!

But seriously, like anyone else, we all have our ups and downs and sometimes the downs can feel like they will never end.  I have had many of these days, winters being the worst for me. However, recently I have noticed how some of the things I did helped to change my mood dramatically.  So I really wanted to share these tips with all of you today. Continue Reading…


Winter Style: Wearing bright red

January 29, 2018
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If you don’t know how to wear color, the easiest trick is to wear the same color from head to toe.  

This isn’t only for Valentine’s Day outfits or during the holidays, in fact, this Spring we will be seeing some bold colors and even pastels in monochromatic looks (head to toe looks).  I have been loving this way of wearing color and cannot wait to try wearing it in more colors this Spring. Continue Reading…


A Canadian Valentine’s Day with Fun, Loving Items

January 22, 2018
canadian valentine gift ideas, valentines day, shop local products, hearts

Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day?

When I started writing this post, I thought of giving you gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.  However, I soon realized that it would make it more special to find one of a kind, small businesses that have unique and fun or lovely and useful products, even better, why not start by focusing on Canadian products.  I truly enjoy and happily spend hours on end searching for new products and brands that are interesting and lovely to own.   Continue Reading…


Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse

January 15, 2018
vegan desserts, raw desserts, vegan chocolate dessert, chocolate mousse recipe, avocado recipe, valentine's day dessert, healthy recipe
This is by far the easiest, healthy and oh so good vegan chocolate mousse recipe.

I tried this recipe for the first time years ago when I lived with my brother who was on a raw diet.  Being the chocolate lover that I am, I did not want to give up eating any desserts, let alone chocolate.  So when I  ate this raw chocolate mousse, I wanted more.  I think that I probably made this dessert as a meal replacement a few times since it was that good, hahaha!

Naturally, when I thought of recipes for this Valentine’s Day I had to share it with you. Continue Reading…


Currently Loving: What the happiest people in the world know on raising kids.

January 8, 2018

Usually, the start of a new year has a lot of people thinking about goals, new projects and resolutions. Generally speaking, how to make this year even better than the last. Wouldn’t this also include how to create a happier environment ?

This had me thinking about an audiobook that I discovered a few months ago about raising happy kids. As a young mom, the challenge of raising children is real, even more when they are under the age of 5.  So if this can help me, I hope that it can also inspire you in raising happy and confident children.

If you’ve missed it, here is another great book that I’ve talked about in a previous post about parenting.

Why is this book interesting ?!

Did you know that Denmark was voted the happiest place in the world since 1943 !!!  So maybe they are doing some things right with their kids that we can also learn and apply in our lives.

As any parent knows, parenting is one of the most challenging things. So when I heard raved reviews about this parenting book on what the happiest people in the world do to raise confident and happy kids, I was very intrigued. Continue Reading…


Oh So Good… Enchiladas

January 2, 2018
best vegetable black bean enchiladas, vegetarian recipe

Happy New Year!

One thing I enjoy cooking during the winter months is comfort food. However, I always gravitate towards more healthy, veggie packed recipes.  Today’s Oh So Good recipe has become a favorite that my partner always appreciates.

So if your looking for a very flavorful, veggie packed or even vegan option, this recipe can be easily modified to your taste. Continue Reading…