6 Easy Items to Wear this Fall

September 4, 2017

One way or another we are all thinking about Fall at this time.  While I am currently on vacation visiting family in Edmonton, Alberta, most of us are getting ready to go back to work, school or to slowly transition into our Fall wardrobe with temperature getting a little cooler.

I happily have been looking at the upcoming season for trends, ads and basically the Fall forecast in all things fashion.  I usually prefer to keep my Fall items in darker tones, warmer shades and styles that can be easily worn with multiple outfits and that won’t go out of style.

Today I am sharing 6 simple items that I am excited to wear this Fall !

1. Sleeve Details

Spring and Summer had an array of tops and dresses with decorative sleeves, volume, bows, pleats, ties and so on…  This Fall won’t be any different.  While our arms will be more covered, you will see an open-shoulder, longer sleeves with grommets, laces, bows or ties at the wrist.

Click on the following to see examples of fun Fall styles: here, here, herehere, here, here, here

2. Plaid

Plaid has always remained on the Fall trend only updating the colours on the pattern.  This year it will continue and is clearly amazing worn as pants, a blazer or a blouse but I am really excited for my plaid runners which I am planning on wearing daily, sold here, which are a perfect mix of comfort and style with jeans, pants, corduroy skirts and Fall dresses.

STYLE TIP: The easiest way to update your look for fall is by adding a plaid scarf to a simple t-shirt or worn over a jacket (jean, leather or wool).  It looks stylish and effortless!

Here are other style options in plaid : dress, shirt, shirtdress, blazer, scarf, scarf

3. Bows

Bows, bows, bows, they aren’t just for little girls anymore.  Sweaters will be important for this trend, bows on wrist and shoulders as well as centre-back details.  You can keep everything simple and classic if you wish since the bow is small enough.  Velvet bows in hairties is very important as well as neckties for tops.  Last winter I bought a pink velvet belt and wore it as a necktie (view photo here), I will definitely wear it again this winter.

STYLE TIP: Apart for bows as hair ties, the other easiest option is to wear a top that has a neck tie, similar to this  or this to update your look for Fall.

Here are some style options: shoes, top, sweater, tweed blazerleather gloves, hair ties, hair tie, loving this hair tie

4. Red shoes

These might be the most expensive item on my list but any red shoes or boots will do the trick.  Red is a big ticket item this Fall for shoes and while it is a trend, it is a color that remains a classic.  I bought these red flats this Summer and will definitely wear them this Fall.

Here are other red shoes to wear this Fall: basic flats, short rain boots, perfect height heels, loving these patent flats!red snakeskin, short boots, classic short boots, sneakers, over-the-knee boots, short wedge heels boot.

5. Black with dark blue, indigo blue or navy pairing

An easy pairing for Fall is to wear dark blue or bright indigo with black. While some people might say that navy doesn’t go with black…..let me tell you that, that IS NOT THE CASE.  They are both dark colors which will give you a slimmer appearance of a long and lean body…And who doesn’t want that?!


fall 2017 trend, black, navy indigo blue outfitfall 2017 trend, black navy outfitfall 2017 trend, black navy outfitblack indigo blue outfit, fall 2017 trendblack and indigo blue outfit, fall 2017 trend


6. Headbands

This hair accessory has been on runways for Fall.  Honestly, ever since this Spring and also getting bangs, this has been my go-to hair item for a quick and easy hairstyle.  I found that the longer the hair, the wider you can go with headbands.  For you chin length or shorter hairstyles, it is better to wear the thin bands.  I am looking forward to buying some Fall ones in caramel colours, forest green and burgundy.  This will give you a simple and chic hairstyle!

Here are some styles to wear for Fall: floral,  bedazzled, metal florals, plaid, leather, velvet brocade,


I hope this post has inspired you for Fall!

Let me know in the comments box below which item you would like to try.


Color your style, color your food, color your life!

Christiane xxx


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