6 ways to feel better & to have a good day

February 5, 2018
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You deserve to feel amazing and good about yourself!

I initially thought to do another Valentine’s post but something kept telling me to write about how to be more positive, happier and overall to feel better about ourselves in the midst of these cold and often sunnyless days.  After all, it usually makes it more challenging to have good energy.  If you do live in a sunny area, lucky you, but you might also have some bad days where you are your own worst critic.

Why me? I’m no expert on the subject.  Well no, but I am one of those individuals that tend to naturally look on the bright side of things, even during hardships.  In high school, I was even named the most positive person in our class, haha!

But seriously, like anyone else, we all have our ups and downs and sometimes the downs can feel like they will never end.  I have had many of these days, winters being the worst for me. However, recently I have noticed how some of the things I did helped to change my mood dramatically.  So I really wanted to share these tips with all of you today.

6 Ways to help you feel better  & to have a good day

1. Go for a walk outside

Fresh air seems to energize and wake up our bodies and our minds.  When you feel sluggish and tired, I urge you to get your butt off the couch and go outside.  Having a toddler and having a horrific cold for a few weeks, I have come to realize that even when we really don’t want to go outside, we always come back feeling much better and awake.  Worst case, you will have burned some calories, be tired and have a nap.

2. Listen to some positive and motivating podcasts

Why podcasts, because when you are tired, you don’t always feel like reading.  Podcasts have been my go-to to learn while motivation me on subject that I enjoy.  Find some that you enjoy and listen to a few to help change your mood and create a positive vibe around you.   I use Spotify and also Balados on my iPhone/Ipad which you can also download and search through their library by name or subject of interest.  Here are some that I truly enjoy listening to when I need an extra boost of energy: Tony Robbins, SuperSoul Conversations (with Oprah), Robin Sharma, Marie Forleo and How I build this.  There is also Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

3. Take care of your body

Noticed how I did not write exercice …. of course if you actually exercise everyday that helps tremendously to have a healthy and happy mind.  However, being at the end of my pregnancy and ashamed to say that I haven’t exercised regularly, I started feeling sluggish.  So instead of using caffeine, I decided to use other ways of re-energizing.

Massages.  A really good head to toe massage re-energizes the body and eliminates toxine.  Simply make sure to drink a lot of water following a session.  Spas are also included in this category (facials, pedicures, manicures…whatever makes you feel good).  Choir, singing or dancing lessons as well are other great options.

Swimming.  An easy and painless exercice. It feels great afterwards since water relieves any pressure from your body.  It is good cardio and uses every muscle of your body.

Eat good food for you.  Some foods will make you tired, some will make you happy.  I personnally feel great after eating a veggie packed salad, fresh vegetables with a dip, a homemade hot chocolate (with actual melted chocolate) or even a fruity smoothie.  These are my preferences, what is very important is that you learn to recognize which foods makes you feel good about yourself.  Vitamin D supplements is also an essential in winter due to the lack of sunshine.

4. Yoga

Unlike every other exercise, whenever I felt depressed, sad, even after a heartbreak, yoga has always helped to keep me sane.  Slowing down for an hour, breathing deeply, letting go of my crazy thoughts and  simply being still and zen is actually wonderful for the mind and body.  The energy that you get from releasing the negativity and being present and at peace with oneself for 1 hour re-energizes you like you wouldn’t believe.  I recently started prenatal yoga at home with 10-30 minutes yoga videos that I find on youtube and the difference it makes, especially in releasing all the tension and stress of the day has become a routine that I look forward to every day.  If you don’t have time, I am certain you can find 10 minutes even to do one video, not all are for meditations, I prefer the actual yoga workouts with breathing exercices.  When my son goes to bed, it is finally my time to relax and clear my mind.

5. Aromatherapy

Change the smell in your home, office or car.  Every scent affects our mood.  I have lavander in the bathroom and eucalyptus (in winter) in my bedroom.  However, our sense of smell arouses our body and our minds in different ways.  Go on the internet, look up different essential oils and their primary uses and buy the one that is more suited for you right now.

6. Get dressed and ready for the day

Do not stay in your pyjamas or sweatpants all day.  Any pièces of clothing that puts you in a lazy mood will not give you energy.  The days that I make an effort to get dressed like I was meeting a friend for lunch puts me in a state ready to start my day on s productive note.  For me, putting makeup is very important, looking good to feel good, having my earrings and sometimes even perfume gets me going.  If you enjoy doing your hair, having jewellery, parfume, or great shoes on, even if you stay home, then go for it!  Anything that makes you happy will give you energy.


What other tips do you have that helps to put you in a good mood?


Christiane xxx

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  • Reply Leah February 6, 2018 at 6:53 AM

    I love listening to podcasts too… they are so underrated! Love all these in your post- so true!
    xx Leah


    • Reply Citrus Love Blog February 12, 2018 at 3:14 AM

      Which podcasts do you listen to? I always love to discover new ones.

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