A Canadian Valentine’s Day with Fun, Loving Items

January 22, 2018
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Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day?

When I started writing this post, I thought of giving you gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.  However, I soon realized that it would make it more special to find one of a kind, small businesses that have unique and fun or lovely and useful products, even better, why not start by focusing on Canadian products.  I truly enjoy and happily spend hours on end searching for new products and brands that are interesting and lovely to own.  

It’s safe to say that I love the month of February because it’s Valentine’s day.  Any reason to celebrate a happy thought, emotion or loved one is a great feeling.  So finding things and ways that makes you feel good is important.

I’d love to hear about other companies or products that you love!  So don’t be shy and leave me a comment below with the names.


A canadian Valentine’s Day with fun loving items

Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of our cold winter, in light of this I found some fun, warm or practical Canadian products that you might also enjoy.

canadian products, winter wear, winter tuque, valentines day gift ideas, products for kids, shop local

Wool & Kate

I actually found this brand on instagram and realized that the designer, a woman based out of B.C., not only makes tuques and headbands for both men and women but also matching ones for babies.  So you’e covered for your whole family.  The reason I like it is because the designer uses a wool/acrylic blend yarn (most brands uses only acrylic which is cheaper but also not as warm for our winters).  The second thing is that she gives you all of the color options and you can choose which colors you would like for each of her specific designs (she has quite a few options).

I ordered a headband and cannot wait to use it this Spring to go running outside.  I am definitely ordering one for me and my little ones for next winter.

aromas essential oils, natural product, canadian product, valentines day item, eco friendly products, shop local


Always looking for healthier options, I happen to find, while visiting a local craft show this product, fragrances made of essential oils.  Being that my son and I have had the worst cold this winter, I quickly ordered the eucalyptus as well as the lavande essence air purificators which they say can last up to 8 months.

canadian products, winter wear, sheepskin slippers, pink slippers


This is another brand I found at our local craft show.  Winter wear, wool socks and warm slippers are definitely a must to all Canadians.  Ever since I was young, i remember my dad would wear his slippers and wear them out, so every year we would try to find him new ones.  This is one company I ended buying him slippers from as they are really warm and well made (princier but well worth it).  They are oh so warm and the best thing is that you can throw them in the washing machine.  I love this soft pink color for today’s Valentines Day inspired post.

canadian products, t-shirt, valentines day clothes, eco friendly, heart t-shirt , valentines day outfit


Designed and manufactured in Canada, they currently have a heart collection which I love.  Hearts on basic sweaters, mitts and t-shirts like this one.  Their garments are made from reclaimed materials which is always great for the environment.  Being the fashion lover that I am, I had to include a company that makes cute and comfy clothing.

canadian products, winter wear, tuquescanadian products, winter wear, tuques, bow

Westco (etsy)

For years I thought if only there was a tuque with an opening this way I could keep my hair up.  Et voila!  I found this Ontario company on Etsy that makes these tuques.  I have yet to order one but at least I know I have the option.  The kit bow is also a cute alternative to making an ordinairy ponytail look more polished, I love it!

canadian products, winter wear, hand cream, body products, natural lotion, eco friendly products


Anyone that lives through the cold or humid winters in Canada knows that a good hand cream that’s soothing and hydrating is oh so important.  I found this Montreal company which produces products that are great for this purpose.  This one smells like orange and black spruce, mmmmm, like walking through a forest.  These little products or companies that focuses on natural ingredients are always very appreciated!

canadian products, winter wear, hand cream, body products, natural lotion, eco friendly products, pot de bonheur, happiness box, gratitude

The Happiness Box

Remembering what we love and what we are overall are grateful for is not always easy.  However, this “pot de bonheur” (french version) or also called “Happiness Box” (english version) is a fun alternative and may stimulate you to remember things we may forget to say “yes, I should appreciate this or that in my life”.  Valentine’s Day makes me think or love, hearts….yet this little container has 365 sentences (one for each morning) to read and get a good vibe set to your day.  I wouldn’t mind receiving or giving someone one of these for any occasion.

Color your style, color your food, color your life!

Christiane xxx

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