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July 24, 2017

Baby clothes are soo darn cute !

Seriously, I have never met someone who didn’t think so. Having a baby, especially if it’s your first one, you can’t escape the monthly restocking and buying or receiving of new clothing.

Babies grow incredibly fast, well most of them, so as a parent it is fun to go shopping for new items and outfits for your kids. I always enjoyed this part as you can basically dress them and style them however you want. It is pretty much the only time that you will have this much freedom on their choice of clothing !

I can’t believe this !

Having a baby boy was a different experience for me, when I started going into multiple baby stores, I could not understand why their section was incredibly small compared to the girl’s section that took up most of the store. Don’t they have to wear the same amount of clothing ? It got even more frustrating when the clothing was only a sea of various blues, royal blue, pale blue, midnight blue, ocean blue, sky blues and so on… the typical color associated with boys. Uhhgg ! Yes, I enjoy blue, but at one point I could not bear looking at another blue item of clothing.

…So that is when I started my research for cute, stylish, comfortable and colorful baby brands.

These are all brands I would suggest as options if you have a boy or a baby boy as they use natural and breathable fabrics (I particularly dislike polyester) and offer stylish and color options other than your typical white or blue. I also looked for smaller and very often family owned companies as they target specific needs for kids.

I focused on brands that offer newborn and up to 24 months sizing but most of them also offer larger sizes. As usual there are also girls clothing available with these brands but the boys sections are what I specifically searched for fun and cute styles.

Here are my favorite brands of clothing for baby boys and small boys.


Petit Lem : Fun prints in simple yet comfortable styles !

petit lem baby boy summer outfitpetit lem baby pyjamas lemon

Montreal, Canada

They have many sets (top and bottom that matches) which makes dressing much easier.

They also have a lot of printed sleepwear.


Bambi and Birdie : Ethical Ultra-soft Bamboo sleepwear !

bambi and birdie baby bamboo pyjamas

British Columbia, Canada

A new brand for sleepwear.

These are oh so soft printed pyjamas for kids (they also sell matching ones for moms !!)

I really want to get these for my next baby…


June and January : Kids are fun, and their clothes should be too !

june and january baby clothing june and january baby clothing


They have very colorful and cute clothing. Comfortable stripe rompers, bottoms and tees.

For Canada orders added duties or taxes may be added.


Moonlight Bundles : Corlorful, one-of-a-kind, comfortable clothing !

moonlight bundles baby clothingmoonlight bundles baby clothingmoonlight bundles baby clothing


**I particularly love the styles, different yet wearable !

Fun prints, styles and available sets for babies or young kids.


Rags To Raches : Rompers that focus on function, fashion & fit !

rage to raches boys clothing

Rompers are the easiest thing to wear. They sell out fast as it is a popular brand in the U.S.A.

Has a lot of muted colors and neutrals but with fun prints !

Sizing starts at 3-6 months.


Fin and Vince : Kidswear for the imaginative !

fin and vince baby boy clothing fin and vince baby boy clothingfin and vince baby boy clothing

U.S.A., ethical brand

Amazing quality clothing, their style makes me think of a little house on the prairie.

Sweet prints and softer colors for baby clothing.

*Sizing runs large


Lulu & Roo : For stylish and comfortable clothing !

lulu and roo baby boy clothing lulu and roo baby boy clothing


These are fun colorful matching outfits for casual dressing. You can mix and match tops and bottoms.

Hoodies, leggings, shorts, sleeveless hoodies….they are so darn cute !

I would easily buy multiples from this brand.


Briar Handmade : Baby bonnets that are special !

braire handmade baby bonnets, brands for baby


Quality, style and function.

These little hats are soo cute, I had to add them to the list. Definitely a much needed change to all the classic baby “tuques” we usually see in stores.


Electrik Kids : An edgy and stylish baby brand !

electrik kid baby clothing electrik kid baby clothing

Montreal, Canada

The printed knotted gowns are too cute for babies.

They also have plain tees that come with little bows or bowties that snaps on and are interchangeable !

*I received this for Sasha as a newborn and it was Oh so cute !!

Fits small.


PURL LAMB : Another colorful Hoodie Company !

purl lamb baby clothing


Brights, stripes, fun prints, hoodies, shorts, rompers, sweats that are comfortable for children.


Noppies : Cheerful colors and playful designs !

noppies baby clothing  noppies baby clothingnoppies baby clothing


The quality is amazing !

Classic pieces in heathered, stripes, cute prints or softer colors.

*I have bought a few pieces and absolutely love them, especially their pants.

Here are boutiques where you can purchase these brands online in Canada.

Rose ou Bleu (Montreal)

Ciconia (Montreal)

Charlotte et Charlie (Quebec)

Heart and Soul Kids (Toronto)

….are only a few of the many stores that carry this brand.


I hope this will give you more ideas of fun places to shop!


Color your style, color your food, color your life!

Christiane xxx










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