Travel Style: Bright Colors, Dresses and Comfort in Cuba

March 16, 2017

I think it’s safe to say that most people love to travel or wished they could do it more often. I am always happy to prepare what I will wear on vacation. To prevent from overpacking I have learnt to plan outfits from head to toe (the hat, the jewellery, the clothes, the shoes), and I try, emphasis on try, to wear my outfits at least twice mixed with other pieces to keep my luggage light (it always ends being the maximum weight anyways!). I used to pack lots of jewellery, shoes and handbags before I had Sasha but now I need to include his things in my bags too so I try to pick what will be more versatile.

The one thing I make sure to pack are colorful pieces that will match the tropical feel!

Here are my essentials for what to pack when traveling to Cuba or to any tropical destination.

Linen Fabrics, shorts (see above), dresses, shirts or pants

Maxi Dresses

 Tops in Bright Colors

Colorful Prints

Flowy Dresses

Soft Pants and Fun Colorful Accessories

Hats Made of Natural Fibers (straw, linen, cotton…)

The weather is the number 1 thing I check before parking for any vacation. Also, consider that it might show rain but in Cuba this usually means expect rain for 20 minutes then sunshine for the rest of the day.


Happy Travels!

Christiane xxx

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