The most underrated item in your closet!

May 29, 2017
the most underrated item in your closet colorful printed socks

What color are your socks today ?

Did you have to look at your feet before answering the question ?

When you go shopping do you think « yes, today I will buy some new socks ? »

It made me laugh writing these questions because I almost NEVER go shopping specifically for socks. One thing I’ve noticed and always thought was odd, is that a lot of men in suits wear colorful socks. Weird ?! So wearing colorful fun socks can even be for you if you are the most conservative person.

Up until a year ago I was the « basic » sock kinda girl. In Spring, Fall and Winter I usually wore shoes or boots that barely and most often hid my socks. In Summer I was mostly barefoot in sandals or flats. So being practical about it, I would buy all the essential neutrals : beige, white, navy, heather grey, light grey and black. I never gave it a second thought….that is, up until I needed to stock up on new socks and started to shop for them.

The BEST THING about socks is that they are usually very affordable and most of them end up being on sale especially since most people don’t really shop for socks unless needed …well at least I didn’t.

This all changed when I found a store that had an entire section dedicated to incredible socks at affordable prices for every style!  Also, if you are an online shopper (like me), check your favorite stores, most likely there are ALWAYS socks in styles you might love …and yes, don’t forget the sale section.

Honestly, I’ve noticed that everytime I wear these fun colorful socks, my mood changes whenever I look at them. It’s kinda the same idea as wearing a new pair of sexy underwear. The feeling you get from knowing you are wearing something fun and bold. You secretly feel more confident. In fact, research indicates that people who wear colorful socks tend to be more creative, successful and confident.

“But you can barely see them ?”

The best part is it isn’t « in your face » colorful and gives others just a little taste of your personality. You will see them whenever you are sitting down, changing your shoes or shoeless inside someone’s home. Plus, they can be a great conversation starter !

fashion style colorful printed yellow lemon socksfashion style colorful printed yellow lemon socksfashion style colorful printed yellow lemon socks fashion style colorful printed yellow lemon socks, green tripe tee outfit

My favorite socks are the lemon and pineapple prints, they make me think of tropical and sunny places which makes me smile. Who knows, it might also brighten someone’s else day while you are on the bus, the metro, teaching children while sitting on the floor or sitting on the couch.

While I prefer more tasteful prints (stripes, dots, fruity prints or a mix of color with a neutral), there are many colorful socks for every style.  The socks worn in this post, are within my comfort zone, colorful yet feminine and not too crazy looking. This is what I prefered, so you too can find colorful ones that suit your style.

Getting a glimpse of color underneath your pants will definitely influence your mood

BONUS* all of the socks featured in this post were about $5 a pair and most were on sale.

QUICK TIP: Try matching a color in the print to your outfit. It can be a specific color or even the type of print (stripe on stripe, see below pictures for examples).

Need a boost of color or want to slowly add some not so obvious color in your wardrobe then socks are the way to go !

the most underrated item in your closet, bright colorful socks

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Click on the numbers to see where you can buy these socks.


Color your style, color your food, color your life!

Christiane xxx



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