Top 3 baby products I wish I had bought!

June 12, 2017
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We all learn through our own personal experience.  Looking back on the last 18 months since Sasha was born, there are baby items I wished I had bought that would have been better investments (especially if you are planning on having more than 1 child). So if you are planning on having a child in the future or are pregnant, these are good items to purchase if your budget permits. For other ideas of suggested baby products, see my previous post about 10 essential budget friendly baby items if you want more ideas of baby items to consider.

Here are the 3 items that I truly believe would have been AMAZING to have from the beginning with a newborn.

I understand that every child is different but these would most definitely be useful to all babies !

Let’s get started…

1. The Ergobaby Carrier – 360

This specific version has 4 different position to carry the baby (front facing, inward facing, back and hip), and up until the child is 45lbs!!  This is a must especially if you go shopping with 2 small kids, hiking, travelling (great for airports!), walking in rough terrains, in crowded areas during festivities or if you have another child in the stroller.  I have a very curious child so this little guy wanted to be facing forward from the get-go. However, I only had the wrap carrier (seen here), which is great for newborns to cuddle but Sasha was a heavy baby and I could not carry him as long.  I even tried the popular classic baby carrier Babybjorn which had the criss-cross back straps but after 12 minutes my back was in such a pain. I have always had some sensitivity in my lower back so next time I would definitely invest in the Ergobaby 360 Carrier which has amazing reviews and most importantly the wide lower back strap.  What is also great is you can buy a newborn insert and VOILÀ, you are good to go for every and any situation.  It is also machine washable! This carrier comes in many colors and fun prints that you may also choose.  Here are some of my favorite colors: navy dots, azure blue, green and Buy Buy Baby also has similar colors.


2. DOCKATOT Deluxe Mattress

Co-sleeping with a newborn was never really an option for me as I was afraid of accidently rolling over the baby, carry I know.  Since our bedroom was too small to put a crib in it, I had to find other options. While I ended having an antique moise rocking basket.  Sasha quickly grew out of it at about 4 months old.  As a slightly neurotic mother, I wanted to have him in the same room as me, just in case, for a few more months.  I looked for co-sleepers but did not like any style nor could I find the right size.

Skip a few months later and I discover the DockAtot mattress (here, here, here) The best part is that it is light, the cover can be washed and you can travel with it (you can also buy the travel bag for added protection).  There are 2 sizes, the Deluxe newborn up to 8 months and the Grand 9-36months.  You can use it anywhere on the floor since it has a mattress and bumper all around with non-toxic, breathable fabric.  For more specific detail and videos about this product click here.  Especially useful if you are visiting other people and you can simply put your baby down for his nap ANYWHERE!  Since I ended co-sleeping with my son for a few months, I would have preferred to use this from the beginning and be reassured that he would not fall off the bed regardless if I had built a fort of pillows all around him!

3. Activity Gym

Living in a small apartment I thought buying a smaller activity gym would work just fine (like this), except…the toys were plastic and when Sasha could touch them, it would often hit him in the face as they hung very low.  In this case, plush toys would have been much better.  Another aspect is that it was way too small once he learned to roll from side to side.  I would turn around and he would have rolled on the hardwood floor.  I should have bought this activity gym.  A tip is to pad the bottom of the activity gym with blankets since most of them don’t have great padding on the bottom.  You might not need this if your home has thick carpet.  Another option as an activity mat is using these playmats (here and here) and simply adding one of these simply AMAZING yet versatile mobile (thisthis or this) what is a great is that you can alternate with any toys of your choosing as the baby grows.


I would be thrilled if you would let me know what was YOUR FAVORITE baby gear by  leaving a comment below!


Color your style, color your food, color your life!

Christiane xxx

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