Tips on how to travel to Cuba with a toddler

March 13, 2017

Traveling alone can be stressful, the preparation,  the packing and the unknown of any new destination. Try adding a child to the equation which in itself is a whole other level of organization. I always try to be prepared for the unexpected, as you should be with a child. However, as a first time travelling to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean with my family, there are things that I wished I had known before leaving. So here are some tips I have learned travelling to Cuba with my 14 month old son that may help you for your next trip. Continue Reading…


Drink up! The one ingredient that will increase your energy.

March 13, 2017
hot milk drink with hemp seeds energy boost

During the winter months we all try to find ways to keep our energy levels high either with vitamins, caffeine, exercise or a quick vacation. I enjoy my morning ritual of a hot drink to get my day going. When I visited my sister-in-law she made me this amazing hot drink using the Vitamix blender adding this one ingredient that made it creamy and OH SO GOOD!  I actually had a lot of energy for the rest of the day. It’s no surprise that it has been said that this is one of the most nutritious foods.  Continue Reading…